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What is your life worth?

Marriage, having children, buying a home, caring for elderly parents,

starting a business, retirement planning, paying off debt, estate planning,

education, ballet lessons, groceries, movie theater, birthday parties, vacations…

What else can I do with Life insurance?

Did you know that life insurance can help you plan for your retirement and your future living expenses while still protecting your family?

Beyond term life insurance, there is an entire world of opportunity to grow your money and prepare for the future. Reach out today to learn how we can help you design your future.

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3 life insurance Myths

Myth 1

Life insurance is too expensive.

While policies vary in cost, you can purchase a Term policy with $250,000 dollars of coverage for roughly the same price as your Netflix bill!

Myth 2

I’M Too young to need life insurance or too old to get coverage.

Adults just starting out in life can benefit by getting coverage with guaranteed low fees. Newlyweds need coverage for bills and children. And older adults in their 70’s buy life insurance all the time, to leave a legacy, fund their charities, or any number of reasons.

Myth 3

Health insurance and Social Security will protect me.

Social Security and health insurance do not provide income for your family if you become ill, need long-term care, or pass away.  Life insurance is the only tool that will keep your family financially sound should tragedy strike.

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