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Guaranteed Retirement Income

Stress free retirement income planning is real. Learn more today!

What is your life worth?

Marriage, having children, buying a home, caring for elderly parents,

starting a business, retirement planning, paying off debt, estate planning,

education, ballet lessons, groceries, movie theater, birthday parties, vacations…

I’m also interested in Life or Long Term Care Insurance.

Our licensed agents can help you with Life and Long Term Care insurance.

There is an entire world of opportunity to protect your family and lifestyle, grow your money, and prepare for the future. Reach out today to learn how we can help you design your future.

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3 guaranteed income Myths

Myth 1

My money isn’t safe.

Your money is guaranteed and backed by A-rated insurance carriers. States enforce stringent reserve rules, requiring analysis and testing on a quarterly basis. Your money is safer than in a bank.

Myth 2

The fees are too high.

That’s old school. There are many new stage products with fee structures less than 1%, cheaper than going with a professional money manager, providing a guaranteed income stream not affected by the stock market ups and downs. 

Myth 3

Once I purchase a guaranteed income product, I lose control of the money I invest.

New stage products offer withdrawal features allowing you to access all or part of your principal if you need it. 

Prepare for the Future

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